35 Fully-funded scholarships – PhD Program in Economics, Management and Data Science

35 Fully-funded scholarships – PhD Program in Economics, Management and Data Science

2015/16 PhD Program in Economics, Management and Data Science (EMDS)

at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca – Italy

Applications are now being accepted for PhD students in Economics, Management and Data Science (EMDS) for the 2015/16 PhD program at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca (http://www.imtlucca.it). Highly motivated candidates are invited to apply for one of the 35 fully-funded scholarships of the three-year doctoral program, which is articulated in curricula. The 3 curricula currently offered are field-specific, although in many instances they share a common scientific background.


PROGRAM DETAILS: The EMDS curriculum provides participants with a solid knowledge base in analytical methods in economics and management science. With its multidisciplinary approach, the curriculum is unique in its deployment of a strong integration of concepts, analytical foundations, and practical expertise, to educate a new professional elite with distinctive capabilities in analyzing, visualizing, interpreting, and managing complex problems in economics and management. Graduates are trained as future leaders in policy and industry. Students are involved in the analysis of real world big/high dimensional data, in collaboration with companies and institutions. The curriculum relies on distinctive competences at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies in economics, management science and analytics, computer science, applied mathematics, network theory, and system engineering/operation research. Specific fields of study are economic networks and network industries; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; systemic risk analysis; economics and finance; organization, entrepreneurship, and technology; strategy; marketing science; critical infrastructures; systems modeling and optimization; stochastic systems; production and operations.


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Close associations with a selected set of companies and institutions provide the opportunity to analyze relevant problems, motivating new analytical techniques from practical problem solving.

This curriculum aims at preparing researchers and professionals with a deep knowledge of methods and techniques for the analysis of big/high dimensional data in economics and management science. Perspective students should preferably have a master-level background in economics, management science, physics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, and engineering or in a related field. The curriculum is designed to prepare candidates for leading positions in companies, research centers, and institutions. Job opportunities for graduates from this curriculum are at companies and institutions, with a focus on analytics and data science. Graduates from the curriculum will be qualified to work in universities, public and industrial research centers, and to take on professional roles and high-profile tasks and responsibilities in both private companies and public institutions.

All students are based in the newly restored San Francesco complex, a fully integrated campus in the historical center of the beautiful Tuscan city of Lucca. The campus includes residential facilities, including an on-site canteen, study and living rooms, and outdoor recreational spaces, all serving to add a cultural and social dimension to the professional experience of the doctoral program. Eligible students will also receive a research scholarship which amounts to approximately Euro 13,600/year.

The PhD program at IMT attracts students from around the world, providing a truly international environment. English is the official language of the Institute. To further enhance the internationality of the program, all students have the opportunity to spend anywhere from 2-9 months abroad at a research institute or university, with the possibility of receiving additional financing through the Erasmus+ program.



To find out more about the institute, the requirements for admission and how to apply please see http://www.imtlucca.it/phd/prospective/admission.

Deadline for applications – June 29th 2015, 6 pm Italian time

To apply: http://www.imtlucca.it/phd/prospective/application

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