This course is a complementary part of an introductory course in general finance. Due to its broad coverage, participants can not confuse this course with behavioral economics or other more specific courses such as behavioral assert pricing, behavioral corporate finance, behavioral portfolio management or modern investment stragegies and so on. This course provides an overview […]


Among the questions addressed in the course are the following: Why do countries trade?  What are the costs and benefits of international trade?  What explains the geographic and commodity composition of trade?  How does trade affect the distribution of income in individual countries and the world as a whole?  What is the effect of various […]


The objective of the course is to introduce students to the nature and functioning of financial markets and the role they play in a market-oriented economy, as well as providing an understanding of monetary policy and financial regulation. Students will be made aware of the fact that the financial system is segmented in the sense […]


The course will be divided into two parts. Approximately the first half of the course will deal with the financial and risk analyses of projects, while the second half of the course will deal with the economic and social analyses of projects. The first half of the course deals with the construction of cash flow […]


DescriptionCourse StructureGrading PolicyReading MaterialsDescription Identify the role of data and data science capability as a strategic asset; Knowing about descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics and appreciate the relationships between these streams; Recognize how different data science methods can support business decision-making; Knowing some basic data analytic techniques for solving business problems; Knowing about Python which [...]


DescriptionCourse StructureGrading PolicyReading MaterialsDescription This course introduces students to the basics of research methodology for economists. The main aim is to facilitate participants’ work on their research thesis from start to completion. After the course, students will have gained knowledge of key methodological issues and choices in economics. They will be comfortable with formulating their [...]


DescriptionCourse StructureGrading PolicyReading MaterialsDescription We survey topics in Development Economics. The course will focus on a balance of theory and empirics through academic papers that introduce students to current research methodologies. Course Structure Session 1: Institutions Session 2: Entrepreneurship Development Session 3: Agriculture and rural development Session 4: Health Session 5: Growth Theory Session 6: [...]


In this course, we study how economists use econometric models to analyze data, and in so doing, investigate the real world and suggest policy implications to policy makers. This course introduces the standard methods for estimating relationships between observed variables, and testing hypotheses about economic relationships based on economic theories.


The course provides an understanding of the fundamental concepts of Corporate Finance. Topics covered include corporate governance, the risk and return underpinnings of the cost of capital, capital structure choice, dividends, merger and acquisitions


DescriptionCourse StructureGrading PolicyReading MaterialsDescription This unit will provide you with an opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of international finance. The world has witnesses the large-scale flows of financial assets from country to country. The international financial markets have become more and more integrated. Economic activities have been taking place well beyond the borders of [...]


The aim of this course is to introduce and analyse the issues and debates surrounding development finance, at both a global and local level. Topics covered in the course include: • Financial theory as a framework for analysis • Relationship between finance, growth, development, and poverty alleviation • Financial repression and liberlization • Domestic financial […]


The course sets out to provide learners with an opportunity to enhance their English academic writing. Specifically, learners will be able to: produce a long piece of writing that is well organised; structure different types of academic essays appropriately; express complex ideas coherently; understand and accurately use academic writing conventions; follow a formal style of […]

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