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10 sessions


Võ Hồng Đức
PhD University of Western Australia, Australia


1A Hoang Dieu, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan, HCMC   View map


Finance , MAE

This unit will provide you with an opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of international finance. The world has witnesses the large-scale flows of financial assets from country to country. The international financial markets have become more and more integrated. Economic activities have been taking place well beyond the borders of national economies, and financial investors operate on a world scale and their operations technically happen 24/7. My visits to London; Paris; New York; Toronto; Los Angeles and other North American and European cities have confirmed that financial market operates 24/7. Investors in New York can place an order to buy 100 million Australian dollars while Sydney-based investors are in the shopping malls. As usual, benefits generally go together with costs. This unit will provide a solid understanding of how the risks involved can be minimised and/or eliminated. The central theme of this unit is to identify the determinants of the capital flows; the associated prices; the risks involved; and the techniques to reduce/eliminate those risks.

Session 1: Introduction to the Unit Globalisation & the Multinational Firms

Session 2: Balance of Payments

Session 3: The Market for Foreign Exchange

Session 4: International Parity Relationships

Session 5: Futures & Options on Foreign Exchange

Session 6: Management of Transaction Exposure

Session 7: Interest Rate & Currency Swaps

Session 8: International Portfolio Investment

Session 9: International Capital Structure & the Cost of Capital

Session 10: Revision

  • Self-Introduction: 5%
  • Attendance & Participation: 5%
  • Mid-term Test: 20%
  • Assignment: 30%
  • Final Examination: 40%

Eun and Resnick, (2018), International Financial Management, (8 th ed.), McGraw-Hill Irwin.

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