Course Syllabus

November 11, 2019
8 sessions


Howard Nicholas
Programme Coordinator


1A Hoang Dieu, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan, HCMC   View map


Finance , MAE

The objective of the course is to introduce students to the nature and functioning of financial markets and the role they play in a market-oriented economy, as well as providing an understanding of monetary policy and financial regulation. Students will be made aware of the fact that the financial system is segmented in the sense that different parts of it work differently. An important distinction is drawn between money and capital markets. This understanding of the nature and functioning of financial markets is used to consider the role which financial markets can and should play in the functioning of a market-based economy and the development of such an economy.

By the end of the lecture series students will learn;

  1. How financial markets work and, in particular, the special characteristics of these markets in developing countries.
  2. How governments intervene in financial markets through monetary and regulatory policies, including the aims of government, the instruments they use, and their effectiveness when they intervene.
  3. The role of financial market development in the process of economic development.

Session 1: An overview of financial markets in developing countries

Session 2: Money

Session 3: The operation of money markets

Session 4: The operation of capital markets

Session 5: The operation of the foreign exchange market

Session 6: Orthodox theories of financial markets – a critical review

Session 7: Monetary policy and regulation of the financial system

Session 8: Financial market liberalisation and economic development

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