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 Learning objectives
Students will develop a Research Paper (RP) as the final requirement to complete the MA Programme. This course represents the individual part of the Research Paper process with the support of a supervisory team. The RP must focus on issues related to the Major for which the student is registered. If the student wishes to specialize in a certain area, the supervisor and the second reader should confirm that the RP addresses an issue, problem or question within the theme of the specialization.

Course description
Preparatory work for the RP is organized in courses ISS-3105 (Research Paper Preparation) and ISS 439x (depending on the Major). A Research Paper Handbook will be handed out with the rules and guidelines that regulate the RP. With the Research Paper the student demonstrates the capacity to:
identify a research topic;
formulate research questions;
undertake a literature study on the theoretical perspectives relevant to the research
collect relevant data and material;
choose an adequate method to research the problem;
apply that method adequately;
draw a clearly stated conclusion from the research;
support that conclusion with a systematically presented report containing a logical argument based on sufficient empirical and/or theoretical evidence.

The Supervisor supports the student through all stages of the development of the research. Supervisors advise and comment on the Research Paper Design and the various drafts that follow up to the completion of the Research Paper. The Supervisor advises on:
the formulation of a researchable research question/problem;
the design of the general structure of the Research Paper;
the development of the theoretical and conceptual framework, including indicating
relevant literature for this framework;
the empirical material necessary for the Research Paper;
the analysis of the empirical material in the framework of the theory used

  • The final version of the Research Paper must be submitted electronically
  • The Research paper will only be marked if the final average mark for all course work is at least 60.

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