Prof. Inge Hutter

Prof. Inge Hutter

Rector of the International Institute of Social Studies

Inge Hutter is Rector of the International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, of Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Professor of Participatory and Qualitative Research in Population and Development, since August 2015.

Before joining ISS in The Hague, she was Professor of Demography (since 2004), Vice Dean Research (2005-08) and Dean (2011-15) at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen. She received an ASPASIA for Associate Professorship in 2000, a KNAW post-doc research position in 1996 and a PhD cum laude in 1994.

She conducted research on population and health (reproductive and sexual health, nutrition, ageing) and development in India, Cameroun and Malawi. She is highly experienced in conducting fieldwork in the Global South.

She has supervised PhD research in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, and the Northern Netherlands. She adopts a participatory approach to research, i.e. involving societal stakeholders from the very beginning of a research project, thus ensuring that research not only leads to scientific publications but also to policies and actions and is relevant for society.

She is an expert in qualitative research; together with Monique Hennink (Emory University, Atlanta) and Ajay Bailey (University of Groningen) she wrote the book Qualitative Research Methods with Sage (2011) which is widely used within several academic disciplines all over the world. A second edition is in process.

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