Lê Việt Phú

Lê Việt Phú

Ph.D, California University, Berkely, United States

Research interests:

Environmental Economics, Development Economics

  1. Reflection on Climate Policy: Science, Economics, and Extremes, Review of EnvironmentalEconomics and Policy, 8(2): 307-327, Summer 2014, with Anthony Fisher.
  2. Positive Crop Responses to Asymmetric Warming in the Eastern United States.
  3. More Schooling Is Not Always a Good Thing: Evidence from an Instrumental Variables Approachto Education Reform in Vietnam.
  4. The Long-term Impact of Short-term Adjustments to Environmental Catastrophes: The Case of Permanent Cropland Loss to Droughts.
  5. The Impact of Extreme Heating Condition on Farmland Conversion in California.
  6. Engine Size, Overcapacity, and Efficiency: a Stochastic Production Frontier Analysis of Vietnam Fisheries.
  7. Application of Social Accounting Analysis and CGE Model for Export Policy Analysis in Vietnam.

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