Ngô Minh Hải

Ngô Minh Hải

Ph.D, Uni-Trier, Germany

Dr. Minh Hai Ngo finished his PhD in field of behavioural finance at Uni-Trier, Germany. Dr. Ngo is currently in charge of the Division Head, Financial Markets; University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh city;

Dr. Ngo has bold experience in financial consulting, strategic planning, so as angel investing. He focuses on strategy, re-structuring, and operational consults for large corporations and business models, investments and fund raising for startups.

Dr Ngo has expertise in innovation, business model development, strategic planning, re-structuring, operation and execution, change management, finance management, venture capital and fund raising.

Dr Ngo is the main author of the Startup Journey, the innovative startup roadmap for Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

Research interests:

Behavioral Finance, Financial Markets, Emerging Economies, Derivatives and Structured Products, Cultural Finance and Institutional Quality


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